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"Stop Disabled Hate Crime Now"

Posted by Newcastle Society for Blind People on September 10, 2014 at 7:55 PM

This blog is from one of our Society members who is using the name Doors. It was written with Guide software.

"Stop Disabled Hate Crime Now"

There was a story on Tyne Tees TV news last month.

The story was about a young Disabled person called Scott Hall who was murdered -possibly by two 15 year olds. He may have had a visual impairment and a learning disability.

I am shocked at his death and it makes me feel very angry. Somebody with a disability should not be treated any differently.

Whoever has killed Scott are cowards and if they get convicted they will get out eventually but his life has been taken. It needs proving as a hate crime so whoever has done this will get a stronger sentence

Everyone can't do something so we are all "disabled "in some way - why can't the whole wide world see this?

Why do some people hate Disabled people?

Someone once said to me "People like you are easy targets" but attacking people who can't defend themselves is not right at all.

This has happened too many times in the North East of England.

What can everybody do to stop this from happening again?

I think we should have more security cameras on the streets with security men and women as well as policemen and policewomen walking around with their police dogs and horses

Everyone who is sick or disabled should get self-defence lessons to keep themselves safe from bad people.

All people with Disabilities should have warden panic alarms for free and free intercoms as well.

We need to get bad people to think twice about why they see disabled people as easy targets.

I would like to start a campaign about putting a stop to hate crime happening to the most vulnerable people in the UK once and for all. Disabled people get picked on for no reason at all and I would tell people about what hate crime means to society and the horror about it all. I think the message could get out there if I were to set up my own campaign with Northumbria Police so this can stop all together before somebody else is killed like Scott. And I would like to get all of the people who are sick and Disabled in the North East to come to my campaign and

• They can get free advice about how to help themselves.

• I can tell people how they can be safe in reporting hate crime to professionals.

The campaign should be right across the North East. All Disabled people should take part and they should be taking the lead. The campaign should have a banner that says - "Stop Disabled Hate Crime now"

So, are any other disabled people interested in doing a campaign to stop disabled hate crime now? If you are , you can get in touch with me , Doors at the Newcastle Society For Blind People.

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Reply Zarina
9:46 AM on September 10, 2014 
I've clicked on the weblink and it doesn't seem to be working. It may be that the link is not available any more.