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Care Act Introduction

Professor Luke Clements Cardiff Law School – The Care Act and You

It’s a video but you don’t need the pictures

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Social Care Institute for Excellence

The home page for the Care Act

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Social Care Institute for Excellence

It’s a video but you don’t need the pictures

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Anchor Housing and Care’s page with a good downloadable guide

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RNIB anlaysis

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Excellent summary written the day before the Act came into being on the good things the Act can bring

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Care Act Factsheets 

The Care Act came into force on April 1 2015. These are Ariel 20 pt versions of the Factsheets. They have already been updated twice so please be aware that these may not be the final definitive versions. 

Factsheet 1 Please click here  This relates to general responsibilities of local authorities: prevention, information and advice, and shaping the market of care and support services

Factsheet 2   Please click here   This relates to  who is entitled to public care and support?

Factsheet 3   Please click here   This relates to assessing needs and determining eligibility

Factsheet 4   Please click here   This relates to  personalising care and support planning

Factsheet 5   Please click here   This relates to  charging and financial assessments

Factsheet 6   Please click here   This relates to reforming how people pay for their care and support

Factsheet 7   Please click here   This relates to protecting adults from abuse or neglect

Factsheet 8   Please click here   This relates to the law for carers

Factheet 9    Please click  here   This relates to continuity of care when moving between areas

Factsheet 10 Please click  here   This relates to market oversight and provider failure

Factsheet 11 Please click here   This relates to transition for children to adult care and support

Factsheet 12 Please click here   This relates to prisoners and people in resident in approved premises

Factsheet 13 Please click  here   This relates to appeals policy proposals

Care Act information and Advice responsibilities 

Guide to Care Act information responsibilities - what Councils must do 

For a toolkit for Local Authorities to follow, please click here

For Support to councils for meeting Care Act requirements on Information & Advice provision please click here