Newcastle Vision Support

Safeguarding Poem

NSBP would like to share a poem with you that was written by one of our service users.

A poem by Maureen Strike on abuse 

Time goes by, old age arrives

And folk who have led busy live

Working hard for many a day

Know now is the time to play.


A tranquil life, from worries free

Contented in the family,

But all’s not always as it seems

Many will have shattered dreams.


Perhaps a kinsman may be rough

To one who is no longer tough,

Or danger lurks when one goes out

In fear of mugging by some lout.


Be careful where you stow your cash,

It can be lifted in a flash

‘Gainst strangers you must close your door

Or be sorry evermore


If people help you in the house

And you miss things, ‘tis not a mouse

Sadly, watchful we must be,

We can be duped so easily.


And if, one day your phone will ring

With promises of reward to bring,

Take no notice, put it down,

For sure the Fraudsters are in town.


And if, despite all, trouble comes

And you think that something hums,

Just be brave and make a stand,

Help for you is close at hand.


Now give Marjorie a tinkle,

She’ll respond within a twinkle.

She will listen to your woes

Help sort the trouble ‘till it goes.