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In this section we start with the basics of  visual impairment - what is it , how many visually impaired people are there and what , broadly , are people's typical needs . From this section you also get an overview of what we do and find useful links and starter information. 

What is Visual Impairment ?

Definition from the former Sensory Support Team in Newcastle
A visual impairment is permanent sight loss which cannot be corrected by spectacles or contact lenses. People are usually referred to as Blind or Partially Sighted, depending on the extent of their sight loss. Only 4% of Blind people have no sight at all, most have some useful vision.

We would also add it is important to remember that

  • Visual impairment is a formal  diagnosis by an NHS professional
  • There are a range of different conditions. Please click here for brief overviews and links. Henshaws also have a good guide here
  • Each condition affects vision in a different way. Please click here for our Wylie Card pages that give a flavour of this
  • As noted above, not  everyone is totally blind . There are different degrees of impairment. This can explain,  for example , why someone  who legitimately carries a white cane may still have some limited ability to read

The criteria for being diagnosed 

Please click here for a link to the RNIB website 

When you are diagnosed 

The RNIB website has a useful page  on what happens if you decide to be registered .Please click here

In Newcastle, we are fortunate to have a dedicated Eye Clinic Liaison service. Please click here for more information

At the NSBP we run our very well regarded SAFE course for people who have been recently diagnosed. Please click here for more details 

The RNIB website has a useful page also. Please click here for the page


Please click here for a national and Newcastle overview 

Please click here for the latest UK Vision Strategy overview  

This Action for Blind People link is also very useful . Please click here


Please click here for a national and Newcastle overview