Newcastle Vision Support

What is Vintage 

Visual Impairment Newcastle Upon Tyne AGE or VINTAGE for short is the Society’s project to empower older visually impaired people in Newcastle. To download this page as a leaflet, please click VINTAGE

We do this by three ways 

1    Getting people involved in making the city more inclusive and accessible for visually impaired people

We have a number of things happening at the moment:


  • Championing the new accessible information standard for NHS and social care that says that people must have information and communication support in a way that they need it when using NHS or social care service
  • Newcastle City Council, in partnership with RNIB, Guide Dogs and ourselves are signing up to the RNIB Street Charter which makes a set of promises about keeping streets in the city centre less cluttered e.g. A boards, café chairs and tables and keeping accessibility facilities like rotating cones in good working condition so that visually impaired people can get around the city safely
  • Making sure changes to the city like the Join Dobson Street developments are accessible and beneficial to visually impaired people
  • We have a new group that will monitor how the above are happening in the city – the Vintage Action Group. If you are interested in joining give Bill a ring today


North East Action On Transport ( NEAT ) is a group comprising the local visual impairment societies in Tyne and Wear , Northumberland, Durham plus  the RNIB , Guide Dogs , NEXUS and interested individuals that campaigns for more accessible transport specifically buses at the moment . We are delighted that our main objective for which we have been campaigning for three years  - having audio visual announcements ( or next stop or talking buses as they are also known ) on all new buses has been included  as part of the new Bus Services Bill that we understand will become law in spring 2017. NEAT also has its own pages on this site . To go to these pages please click NEAT 

We also offer a limited but we hope useful service to individuals e.g.

·      Enabling people to have  the confidence to go to a ward committee to talk about uneven pavements

·      Helping a person make a complaint to the Passport Office about the lack of large print passports

How might you get involved?

·      Come to the Action Group or NEAT meetings and have your say

·      Be our representative at other meetings e.g. with NHS Trust or the Council

·      Write letters to your MP

·      Collect signatures for petitions

·      And perhaps most importantly simply tell your story – why things like street furniture and having talking buses matter to you so we can use this as evidence to change things for the better

2    Offering new activities that aren’t just social

We are currently developing two groups:

·      A group researching the Society’s history that we hope will become an ongoing history group with visits and talks

·      We are hoping our history will feed into a creative writing forum where you can learn to express your thoughts on what it is like to be visually impaired or anything you like as stories, plays, poetry or even a rap! We already have some fine poets at the Society – we want to encourage more of this.

3    Our IT service

Four our IT service page please click IT services

E mailContact Vintage

Phone 0191 2327292

Produced November 2017